Environment engineering

Pavimental Polska offers its services in the field of construction, repair and maintenance of water, sewage and drainage.

With our expertise and specialised machine park, we are able to take on all the tasks related to:

the construction of systems and water engineering as:

  • plumbing (buses, distribution cables, connectors)
  • sewerage rainy (channels, pipes, strainers, separators)
  • large diameter drilling under roads and rivers,
  • dikes,
  • dams and retaining walls,
  • water tanks,
  • drainage channels

maintenance and technical procedures as:

  • maintenance of rivers and streams,
  • regulation of rivers and streams,
  • reconstruction and maintenance of ditches,
  • reconstruction and maintenance of culverts,
  • tank cleaning,
  • modernization of sewage systems,
  • other water works.
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